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“Model Student’s” Class of 2017 WANTED

I can’t wait to meet the class of 2017.  If you’d like to represent Tracy Dietrich Photography as a model and earn some cool incentives please fill out an application!

Here’s the LINK


Here’s the scoop on the program:

Tracy Dietrich Photography is looking for juniors graduating in 2017 who are interested in being “Model Students”. This program is designed for soon to be seniors to promote Tracy Dietrich Photography in exchange for free items such as sessions, prints and discounts. This is not about looks; it’s about everything that makes you a positive and outgoing member of your class!

Only a few students at each high school will have the opportunity to participate in the senior rep program. After you have been chosen, your mini marketing session will take place in June or early July. This mini session will be done earlier in the year so you can start getting the word out. Most seniors have their pictures taken between July and September, so it is important that you show off your pictures via social media to your friends as soon as you get them.

As a “Model Student”, you will receive:

  • One mini marketing photo session (must take place between May and July).
  • One full senior photo session (anytime before you graduate)
  • 4-6 images from your mini session
  • Custom App to show off your portraits
  • Opportunity for discount on your portrait collections

Incentives for referring other Model Students, Senior clients, families, babies etc!

What you can earn: Cold hard Cash!

1-5   Referrals = Twenty Dollars each

6-10 Referrals = Thirty  Dollars each

Etc! The First rep to refer a senior for the year gets a specialty item!

Please note:$150 Deposit is due upon your acceptance into the “Model Student” Program. That $150 will be credited 100% to your full senior session.  Once Tracy Dietrich Photography has completed or spent any time photographing you as a senior rep, the deposit becomes non-refundable. As a senior who represents Tracy Dietrich Photography, we ask that you carry yourself in a positive way. This program is something that takes time and effort to gain referrals. You may not promote anyone else but Tracy Dietrich Photography as a senior rep. Please note Tracy has the final say in which images are used to represent TDP.      


Please note rewards are subject to change.

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