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Happy Monday! It’s Summer Sessions Week!

What is Summer Sessions Week, you ask? Basically, we will spend one week celebrating the upcoming class of graduating Seniors. We give away awesome prizes and have a ton of social media fun. Ends Friday July 29th!

During Summer Sessions week we also open up bookings for our Summer Sessions for 2017 Graduating Seniors with HUGE discounts. $100 off FULL Sessions!  You can only get these prices when you book your session during Senior Week so we expect to fill up the majority of our summer sessions during this week.

And we have a special! We are giving away gift cards to some of your favorite spots!   And the best part? ANY HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT CAN WIN!

Here’s the LINK to the simple form you fill out to enter!


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I’m looking forward to spending time with my friends and getting accepted into a great college. But it’ll be bittersweet because it’s my last year of clubs, sports, proms and school activities. I want to remember and cherish every moment!
~Emily Jester  ’17


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