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Mom, get in the picture!

You know what I”m talking about.  Take a quick scroll of the photos on your phone.  I mean it, right now look through your camera roll and count how many photos YOU are in.  Ok I”ll BRB i’m going to do the same thing…Hmmm actually the results here were not terrible. BUT would I print these photos for anyone to remember me by -NO lol.  You see what I”m getting at is that as Mom’s we are so concerned with getting photos of our beloved family that we are rarely IN the photos.  Let’s change that!  Please do this for your children, take a vow to GET IN THE PHOTO at least once a month!  Is that too much? Every other month?  Anything is a start.  Your children will cherish ANY photos of you I promise.  I love finding photos of my Mom and I and there weren’t cameras (phones) in our hands all the time when I was younger.  These photos provide a visual timeline of our relationship.  As evidence I found one today that reminded me that Mom’s Alzheimer’s was just beginning right about the time this photo was taken.  Don’t wait!  Get your photos taken this spring with your family!

Baltimore Senior Photos

Sisters FLA Trip

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